Thursday, 9 December 2010

New Changes For 2011...Goodbye 2010, Nice Knowing Ya!!

9th December 2010

We are currently in the process of turning the website into an e-commerce website, so you can order your favourite products straight from the REthinkthings website! This will be up and running in the New Year, so you can still currently order from until further notice.

The new REthinkthings website retains its iconic brand image in keeping with the green and yellow logo , but the construction itself takes a fresh, funky approach on layout. Produced by Phishtank media, it portrays the innovative designs and products that make REthinkthings so unique and original. The products are featured on the home page with a clickable link which shows a bigger picture of the product. Within the website there are 11 clickable tabs which take you further into the website; these include information on the designers under the REthinkthings label, news on brand development and the all new ‘buy’ tab which takes you directly to purchase your items.

The REthinkthings brand has recently expanded to include creative home accessories licensed in from established and emerging designers and now licenses from the best designers and produces on their behalf. The designer gets royalty and their product gets produced via REthinkthings and marketed to retail outlets and other buyers Europe wide. This is a great opportunity for new and upcoming graduates as it allows their product to be produced in high quality, without costing them a small fortune, to boost their profile. Many more creative practitioners will be set to join Rethinkthings in 2011 as we recruit imaginative thinkers when planning our trade shows through the 5ml design collective. If you think you have a product which fits our brand, your first port of call should be

A lot of exciting things will be happening in 2011 for the REthinkthings brand, so watch this space.