Tuesday, 20 November 2012

REthinkthings almost doubles its range for Christmas!

Just in time for Christmas we are pleased to be announcing several new products for our online shop. There’s something for everyone with products varying from chair to rings, but all sharing the same REthinkthings ethos of doing "things" differently...

The first product is from our old friends Jolly Smith. We already sell their NINE2FIVE clock and fiveAday noticeboards, and now would like to introduce their latest product, The Yorkshire Tea Towel. They have collaborated with designer Richard Storey to produce this eye catching design celebrating the local dialect of Yorkshire. It comes printed in either red or black onto a cotton tea towel measuring 50x80cm.


Jo Cope, the second of our newest designers, describes herself as a conceptual artist, but always with an emphasis on fashion. She has two products now with REthinkthings. The first one being ‘hold my trainer’ This product is ideal for those who love and collect shoes and look at them as a piece of art which should be displayed. The simple yet effective design is made from a single piece of high quality powder coated steel. The piece is then bent around to form two hands which will hold and display any shoe with a flat base effectively against the wall. The second product is in a similar vein. It is made of the same materials and is once again a hand, but this time the ‘hand hook’ is for whatever you can hang off of its fingers. Ideally this can be used for, bags, keys and even coats, but the product is versatile enough for a lot more than this.


Next we have a first for REthinkthings, jewellery. We will be selling Rentaro Nishimura’s ‘crown ring’ in four different colours, red, black, blue and white. The ring comes on a single acrylic sheet that has been laser cut to have the various components easily popped off and assembled by the user. The finished design was inspired by the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland. The product is made entirely from one piece as mentioned with no need for glue to fix the components together and to keep it as ecological as possible, the off cut/ scrap material is used to hold all the pieces together and protect it during postage and can even be recycled after this. Also the product comes with three different ring sizes, allowing it to fit all sizes.

We seem to be on a fantasia journey with another Alice in Wonderland inspired piece. Holly Palmer’s, ‘Tea cup stool’. This Oversized tea cup is available in 7 bright colours of rotationally moulded MDPE plastic. The product can be used in or outside and will really become an eye catching and creative addition to your home wherever you put it.

Speaking of the oversized, we even have new food inspired items (specifically the much loved Custard Cream) which are dramatic statement items for those who like to literally "comfort eat". With a range of three textile based printed pieces, there are teatowels, cushions and even a footstool, so kick back, sink in and bib up for those Christmas munchies. 

Last but not least we have a REthink own brand item, a series of bags you may have heard us going on about a lot recently, they are our new Handybags and Scumbags. Available in 6 designs, three for each series, made of eco friendly Jute and available in three colours, these natural tote bags are perfect as a little something helpful or cheeky as a stocking filler (or even a stocking itself) for Christmas. They are hand screen and large enough to fit an A4 folder or laptop and also have a water resistant coating on the inside if you wish to use for shopping or work lunch.

JUST £6.99! 

So come visit the site and see our new products and the various offers we will have in the run up to Christmas, to help you find that little something different.