Friday, 31 August 2012

REthinkthings thinks again...

We like to think we are a noteworthy brand who cares about the environment, clients, suppliers and end users. That’s why they have developed lighting that uses no energy, glasses that can be set down outdoors, transforming versatile bags, canes that help you to get up, and a range of other home accessories that are fun to use and make people smile. 

Harvest hanger
We have been at it again, out and about Rethinking-things! This time we couldn't resist adding products to our collection within the theme of outdoor meets indoor. With our need for space increasing and our homes getting smaller in size, storage is a must have and for those without garden areas we are offering some new quirky items that bring outdoor utilitarian objects into the home to help us stay organised. New to REthinkthings is 'Hive'. Monika Piatkowski, the creative brains behind the brand has a very intelligent way of expressing these ideals of  reappropriation, finding alternative uses for everyday forms and so we were delighted when she said she wanted to partner with us.

Hives ‘Pail’ storage bucket (above) is made from 100% felt and comes in a choice of colours, turquoise,  red and grey. The harvest hanger (above right) utilises the common garden rakes defining features and gives them a new clever purpose within the home, these hangers are available in a choice of eight colours, blue, green, pink, yellow, red, white, black and beige. To the right these unique ‘Twig’ wall hangers can create a forest feature in an underused space and keep all your everyday essentials organised and accessible.

Find breakfast a bit of a mental battle in the morning? Yes, thats what we thought. Takae Mizutani has picked up on this too and highlighted how the classic morning favourite of egg and soilders have issues of their own. "The eggs are always perched and ready for action in their cups and the poor soldiers just have to lay on the plate already defeated". Another creative mind new to REthinkthings, we adore this egg and solider set consisting of a royal horse and castle. Be nice to your soldiers! 

Steven Almond's designs also got us smiling, with his charismatic trinkets. New to REthinkthings are "Cliff" and "Launch" set to provide any  homeowner with a subtle smirk. 'Cliff' hanger can be scattered across walls in hallways / kids bedrooms, even in the office and makes for an eye-catching feature. The more you use, the cuter Cliff gets, we have ten of these little guys hanging around in our office holding our coats, what a guy! 

Another one of Steven's quirky little items we love is 'Launch', we liked how Steven took a mundane overlooked item such as the candleholder and with a little thought and a touch of humour he has given it a new lease of life. Just pop in a candle and watch them 'launch' life into your living space!

These new items strengthen our mission to provide people with emotive products that engage the brain and are a pleasure to use. 

Always thinking..... 

All set for first exhibition at Manchester Gift Fair

REthinkthings are off to Manchester!

This September REthinkthings has plenty of reason to be excited about the Manchester gift show! The Manchester Gift Show is an exciting new national giftware trade event offering a wide variety of gifts, hand crafted products, jewellery, art, ceramics, glass, greetings cards, jewellery, toys, cosmetics, home and fashion accessories. So perfect for us to get involved in. 

We have been busy head hunting a range of new products from the North’s most promising and upcoming designers, now we can't wait to share them in Manchester. Our product range now boasts over 20 carefully selected products ready for either wholesale or retail, we know they'll stand out from the rest and are sure to get a reaction. 

At Manchester, we  will be presenting our six new items. The fun and functional "Five a day" magnetic noticeboard collection and "Nine to Five" clock from York based Jolly Smith, the "Cityscape" bookends from Newcastle based Jonathan Aspinall, the brand new handmade "Bygone" wall clocks from Manchester based SR Designs and the best selling "Cliff" hangers and "Launch" candleholders from Merseyside based Steven Almond. Good timing for these talented northern designers to be partnering with us for a show in the north!

This is the first time we'll show at a trade event in the North and we can't wait to find out who our next clients will be! We usually find ourselves bound by homewares and giftware shows tied to London and the Midlands, so for us this is special, its our home turf and we are hoping for the home advantage! 

We are entering the show with "something fun and functional for everyone", offering free shipping to all on stand purchases for clients to lessen initial investment and giving live product demonstrations of the “Flo” standing and walking aid, the revolutionary new carbon fibre cane that helps you up out of a chair unaided. We hope that this alongside our mission to provide helpful and emotive design led products will really demonstrate how our giftware offering is engaging, inclusive and can be useful to all.

Manchester gift show is conveniently located just outside Manchester at junction 9 & 10 of the M60 at Event City M14 7TB. Opening times are 9.30-6pm Sunday 9th and Monday 10th Sept and 9.30am-5.00pm Tuesday 11th Sept. We will be at stand B15, come along and have a look.