Thursday, 22 October 2009

another email

I have just finished watching you win the placement with Phillippe Starck and my heart was in my throat before they announced the winner - YOU! Your design spoke for itself - elegant, inspired by a passion for your own life experience and it was functional art, the ultimate compliment. But equally important, I was so chuffed that you won because of your professionalism and camaraderie throughout - right to the end you were helping Mike when many others would not have - that demonstrates massive strength of character. Am I someone that can help you in your career, probably not but if I can I def will. I just was motivated to contact a complete stranger, YOU, because you inspired me with your talent and your humanity....there is hope for us all :-)Happy to help however I can. I see from your website that Flo is not yet available for purchase, if that changes I would be interested as my mum may be in need of an elegant support.Heartfelt wishes for every success

one of the recent emails i received

Dear Ilsa Parry,For years I hoped that designers would remember that older and disabled people needed products that would express how they feel. The aids out there are miserable and ugly. Thank you for having thecourage to think differently about an often neglected market.I am a relatively young person who uses several walking aids. The \'coolest\' cane I could find was one made from lucite. It looks like perspex. When I use it everyone thinks its cool. I think younger people would love your flo. Perhaps you could put your talents to re-designing the rollator and the wheelchair. Oh I can\'t emphasise what a need there is for change in these products.I will be the first in line to buy your flo. Please let me know if ever it comes to market.Well done and congratulations on your win. I wish you success and love in all you do.Best wishes,Pauline Phillips