Monday, 27 January 2014

2014 will see us Rethink branding

2014 Relaunch Teaser

2013 saw a whirlwind of change for us at Rethinkthings. We have spent the bulk of the year working on a rebrand and new e store which will be launched mid 2014. We wanted to begin this year with a little update to let you know more of what’s in store.

Rethinkthings LTD

Rethinkthings will be separating its brands into three separate entities. There will be the product range you are all familiar with as the main focus of our business all wrapped up in bold graphics with the focus being on the creative minds who were first inspired to visualize their design. 

Our product range as Rethinkthings will consist of inventive homeware products and living accessories which have a simple yet iconic aesthetic and seek to make change to how we understand and think about living. We are aiming to generate movement between talented creative individuals through collaborative production and distribution and wish to continue to harness this energy throughout the forthcoming year. 

The Rethinkthings brand will see a shift with a new identity incorporating nuances related to storytelling, kindness, warmth, spirit, honesty and intellectual playfulness which appeal to our innate consciousness. Our refined product set will be available to trade (mainly retail) with a small collection of carefully selected items from our friends included on our wholesale list for distribution to worldwide brands.

Ilsa Parry

Design services will exist as “Ilsa Parry” (a trading name of Rethinkthings LTD) and will showcase a multidisciplinary approach to imaginative cross platform, commercial design activity.  This brand seeks to develop and produce smart, soulful concepts which intrigue and alter perception and will focus on assisting small businesses and corporate clients with a consultative or project based approach to generating problem solving solutions through design. The portfolio for this brand is diverse and exciting, employing a myriad of production methods and new materials and technologies to push the boundaries of realization, employing creative freedom to explore new direction.


Our growing e-store will also be rebranded and current working title exists as “Myne”. This will carry a wider range of affordable and unique design led items direct to consumer. We aim to ensure that the offering is fresh and relevant to our target customers and we will endeavour to participate in a variety of pop up stores so that the collection can travel. The main focus here will be on quirky giftware, categorized by personality type to appeal to a broad range of sentimental intent.

There is a great deal of change ahead and we meet these new challenges with enthusiasm and heaps of optimism. Our transformation is a direct result of a year long research study to which many of you contributed, we wanted to say thank you for your continued support and give you a small glimpse of what’s to come.


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Rethinkthings review of late 2013

2013 Review

For those who have been keeping up with our activity, you will know that we have been exploring many new avenues in 2013 including make it yourself and downloadable products (MIY), screenprinting and bespoke commissions. This culminated with a shift in focus from wholesale to retail trade at the latter end of 2013 with a week-long appearance at Liverpool’s Urban Winter Village (container market) in December and the introduction of the new Mental Baggage series by designer Lance Walker.

Urban Winter Village

Christmas saw us present dozens of REthinkthings products and work by other noted designers to Liverpool’s first shipping container pop-up market, the Urban Winter Village at Williamson Square.

Kaspa lamps, Bauhaus birdfeeders, Scumbags and Accent teatowels were among the attention grabbers at the UWV. Despite one day of howling wind and rain we loved the opportunity to meet so many people and show off work by creative British designers. We also got the chance to meet lots of other stallholders, many of which were new British brands with serious creative vision, it felt refreshing to gain feedback direct from end users and the whole experience gave us real insight and food for thought going forward.

As part of the year-end fun we ran a huge sale on many items on our web site. Many of these are still discounted for a limited period (whilst stocks last), to  advantage of these, click here.

Mental baggage collection – Orwellian inspired

The headlines coming out of Downing Street and Washington DC this year have had a certain Orwellian quality to them. Unprecedented news of widespread eavesdropping, constant surveillance and the omnipresent directive to fear terrorism at any moment has us in a constant state of anxiety.

Combine that with the news last spring of austerity measures, here and in other European countries, while the ultra-rich are hiding their money away offshore, the new economic and political landscape becomes clear and its making many of us indignant!

 Designer Lance Walker joined us in late 2013 with a series of cotton tote bags bearing contemporary versions of the Newspeak slogans that featured heavily in George Orwell’s classic dystopian novel 1984. Presented as bold statements of the official party line, these bags espouse the current party slogans:


These new bags were launched at the Urban Winter Village last December and have been selling steadily as public focus increases on such topics. Make your statement against thought control with one (or all three) of these statements parodying the party line - purchase here at the introductory price of just £5!

Aside from new product launches and pop up stores, Director Ilsa Parry continues to remain involved with the promotion of a wider mission for design. Her manifesto for Rethinkthings and her own consultative approach to creative work remains strong as she continues to seek opportunity for sustainable engagement and creative awareness through commercial activity. Ilsa Believes that design has the power to transform the frame of mind, and as such she was asked by BoConcept last November to host a 40 minute talk on what constitutes good design. You can read more about this here:

Monday, 23 September 2013

New product IM Baby Bangle is a royal hit and prime focus at 10 Downing Street!

One of our designers Alissa Koopal recently launched the IM baby bangle and has received unprecedented praise for her smart REthinking! Just Last week she was invited to showcase her inventive problem solving product at 10 Downing Street.  Invited along as an excellent example of young, creative entrepreneurial spirit, Alissa was flying the flag for an attitude we hold very close to our hearts at REthinkthings.

Prime Minister, David Cameron, stated in meeting with Alissa and other new product designers that the work on show demonstrated “that young people have got the ideas, the ambition and sheer commitment to get ahead”, and that’s certainly true of Alissa.  An on-the-go mum of 2, Alissa had a clear business vision  for "Safe Soothing & Practical Parenting" in a design-led manner. Her first product - new to market and available at is a multi- purpose baby teether designed to soothe and stimulate motor skills whilst doubling as an accessory for mum to wear. It can be sterilised and is dishwasher and fridge/freezer-safe for extra cool relief.  

This product is off to a flying start, available in three colours and on sale in 6 countries, its space saving, and stylish practicality is showing it has the potential to become a must have accessory for busy parents.

Alissa said, “It was incredibly exciting and a huge honour to be invited to the Prime Minister’s residence. He said he had read about the Bangles and thought they were great! We discussed all the different uses and the long lifespan of the product (from birth to older toddlers) and the fact that they are manufactured here in the UK. The past few months have been an absolute whirlwind. Mr. Cameron now even has one for Florence and I also gave him one to pass on to little Prince George!”