Friday, 18 January 2013

REthinkthings at Liberty London and Spring Fair 2013

REthinkthings LTD raise the bar from Liberty of London to Spring Fair UK!

The iconic Liberty Store

REthinkthings are looking to 2013 with renewed optimism as their ever expanding collection of carefully selected design led products were successfully pitched at the Liberties London open day last week, just three weeks prior to their first own branded showcase at Spring Fair International.
 Managing Director Ilsa Parry describes the decision to raise the bar: “We have been working hard to increase our product offering online whilst retaining the instantly recognisable quirky aesthetic of our collection. Our site now has over 50 products, 33 of which we own exclusive IP rights or license to trade. REthinkthings feels much stronger as a brand and so we felt confident in showing our most successful wares at Liberties. The enthusiastic response the range was met with by Ed Burstel (Managing Director of Liberty) and Katrina Burroughs (Sunday Times and Telegraph interiors writer) gave us affirmation of the design quality of the work. We felt it only fair to allow other design conscious buyers in on the huge commercial potential the range projects, hence our decision to go solo at spring fair this year!”

Check out the video above to see what we experienced during the Liberties pitch REthinkthings are incredibly excited at the prospect of becoming a supplier to Liberties. The buyers were animated with the Bauhaus birdfeeder which Katrina instantly recognised from features she has written in the past. Ilsa Parry (REthinkthings Managing Director) introduced the two to “Flo” the innovative standing and walking aid newly launched last year, Ed was surprised by the unusual and efficient functionality but both felt that their hearts were much more in line with the cute, bright and colourful items such as “Cliff” hanging hooks “Kaspa” the ghost light and “Spyke” the baseless glass set, they spoke of their plans to launch a new design led garden room and felt that Bauhaus and perhaps even “Spierre” the one legged outdoor seat could be a great fit.  As a global icon for sophisticated and cutting edge home and giftware with a deep and rich heritage, Liberty offer “a voyage of discovery and excitement” which fit in perfectly with the REthinkthings brand values.

Just as Liberty offer an “eccentric, indulgent and utterly charming world” in which you can get truly lost, the studio is currently planning a new journey for the brand, beginning with Spring Fair 2013. From the 3-7th February trade visitors can see all their products in the “DesignLAB” area of hall 7 on stand 6R45 set in a mystical world of warmth and conversation. 

Ilsa comments:“We too are trying to build a global brand, one which is accessible by buyers, consumers and manufacturers alike. We wish to be at the heart of sustainability and efficiency for production, forming a family of creativity through design which connects people, instils optimism and leaves memories”

2013 will see the brands 4th birthday and welcomes a fresh outlook on how everyday items reach consumers, REthinkthings has invested heavily in R+D to forge expansion and transform themselves into a more adventurous proposition able to undertake varied 3D commission works in new fields such as Typography, Graphic Communication and Brand Experience to persuade more clients and collaborators to merge with their way of thinking and strive for engaging innovation and evolution collectively.