Monday, 26 August 2013


“Make it yourself!” For a number of months REthinkthings Ltd (known for producing quantity, factory made, household acccessories and gifts) have been thinking about producing a product which the user can construct themselves through downloadable and printed graphic instruction kits. What better way to approach this than from a point of sustainability using easily accessible household by-products? 

Made from 105 loo roll tubes we developed “Spirollight”, the geometric chandelier inspired by chakras and mandalas. In taking ownership through production, the user is in control of the end result, they can even personalise the product to their preference through choice in form and finish, cutting costs and strengthening value and emotive bond.

Spirollight is the first of what will become a series of crafted products from REthinkthings. Spirollight is a collaboration between Ilsa Parry and Andrew Luft in creating an accessible version of urban chic designer lighting. Spirollight is affordable, engaging and sustainable and even helps the user to avoid those “designer” price tags whilst offering a role in the creation of something unique.

Spirollight can be created by the everyday crafter by cutting and interlocking cylinders using our easy templates which are downloadable here in A4 PDF format for home printing. Alternatively accurate cutting guides and  printed packs can be purchased to speed up the “getting started phase”. Spirollight is an interior product you can be proud to say you crafted yourself. With the instructions broken down into daily sessions each lasting approximately 3 hours, it makes for perfect family time, and can be realistically realised within a week.

Rediscover the sense of satisfaction which comes from making!

We Launched this new product at the Museum of Science and Industry, Mini Maker Faire in Manchester a few weekends ago. The MOSI MMF was a gathering of enthusiastic makers, hacking, playing exploring and making in various materials, using a plethora of new technologies and a wealth of ingenuity. At the show, there were plenty of activities for family members to get involved with, soldering, stitching, spud guns and lots, lots more. For us, there was great interest in the Spirollight and its construction, people were surprised and humoured at the choice of materials and enthused by the idea that they could create it themselves.

Our presentation aligned with our overall concept and involved a stand made from reused and recyclable items. We attempted to explain the concept of construction visually through use of colour to represent layers, this carried through the instruction packs, the marking guides and even a 3D exploded model which hung from the top of the stand.

MOSI MMF was a great opportunity to launch us towards a new direction, encouraging consumers to reengage with creation and be rewarded with economic savings in exchange for time spent making. Look out for more ideas from us in the near future!