Monday, 18 July 2011

Flo developments to carbon fibre

Through her extensive research within the programme, “Design for life”, Ilsa realised there is clear need for a product that enabled a certain market audience, mainly the elderly, to rise to a standing position in a dignified and supportive manner.

Through analysis and experimentation of the problems faced, an initial concept of “flo” was born.

Several material and prototypes ensued, developing and refining the product as time went on. Making sure that the manufacturing process played an integrated part in the design of the product.

Physical use of the working model led to further CAD developments and resulted in the creation of the rubber foot for traction.

They are now producing the main carbon fibre versions which require full testing and feedback before production. We anticipate final RRPs of “Flo” in carbon fibre to be in the region of £250 each. Your feedback or interest in product trails or partnership is welcomed.