Monday, 10 December 2012

A short reminder about our revolutionary mobility device “flo”

After three years of hard work of developing and testing to find the best shape and technology, we came up with a revolutionary innovation and an alternative independent living tool for transfer and mobility, which has no concurrence on the market.



The multifunctional Flo standing and walking aid was launched in May, and it is available to buy in our REthinkthings shop. Flo is ergonomically shaped, so it wraps around the lower leg and locks it in position to assist with dignified and unassisted elevation from seated to standing. Designed during a BBC documentary by Ilsa Parry with Philippe Starck and licensed to REthinkthings, this one piece intelligent item is patent protected and represents the future of human assistance.

This innovative product is constructed using a combination of composite materials and advanced processes designed to create the required strength and lightweight performance demanded from the unique functionality. Therefore it weights only 300g, but supports the vertical transfer from seating to standing for users up to 25 stone. 

Flo is available in 5 colours (black, yellow, aqua, orange and pink), the package includes an elegant and replaceable foot bung for grip and a wrist strap.

Available in our REthinkthings shop. 
For more information please contact us on, or call us on 01515384592.