Monday, 16 April 2012

Great graphics from

I just received my packaging stickers back from Well impressed with the quality and the price, highly recommended and super fast turnaround. High resolution, professional finish and no bleed, totally affordable, and great service. Perfect :) Get yours here


Friday, 13 April 2012

Its just how we roll....

We aim to use a variety of materials in our work, as we believe that good design should not be restricted to an expertise in one material or production area. The focus is always on the product and the user. We work in glass, ceramic, carbon fibre, steel, aluminium, fabric, wood and plastic, constantly striving to exploit the natural inherent properties of the materials selected. Our flo standing and walking aid for example is a perfect gift for a friend or family member who has difficulty getting out of a chair but doesn’t want to have to use a walking stick or traditional medical aid. Its surrealist form is highly in tune with human ergonomics and its construction in metallic carbon fibre renders it futuristic and very very cool. With the apprearance of a weighty, quality item, it actually weighs just 300grams (40 marshmallows) and can support the weight of someone up to 25 stone, the technique used is similar to that used for Olympic racing bikes except ours is the only technique we know of that shaves an extra 50 grams off the product by removing the inside inflation bag! Our Kaspa ghost light makes use of smart materials to produce a cool bedroom light for kids and other fun loving design conscious people offering light without energy use!

We work with a range of designers to realise our own brand products including Ilsa Parry, Tom Sutton and Julia Jacob. Our most exciting recent collaboration was between Ilsa and Tom with the Olympian co-in centric limited edition wall shelves for 2012 which are highly topical and innovative in its packaging for transportation. We also sell the work of Flux, Goodwin and Goodwin, Earthome, Bettina Nissen and Headsprung. All own brand products are specially commissioned by REthinkthings except for the Bauhaus birdfeeder which was produced by REthinkthings under license from Julia Jacob as part of a specific European trade order for Princesse Tam Tam Lingerie.