Friday, 22 October 2010


REthinkthings is a design led product brand founded and directed by Ilsa Parry, winner of BBC Design for Life with Phillippe Starck. Ilsa Parry operates as a creativity consultant and independent designer working with brands such as; Bo Concept, Lego, Boss design, McDonalds, Sony and Unilever.

This November, Ilsa Parry returns to her hometown to launch her latest work at Liverpool Design Show. Along with three new product collections, (ONMI bags, Sworth lamps and ForX tableware) she brings along developed icons from the previous year shown at Pulse in Earls Court, London and Maison et Objet, Villepinte Paris. Including:

Kaspa the ghost lamp (Now known as Spook),

Flo the standing aid,

Spyke drinks vessels,

Pawly dog standing lamp

and Spierre the festival seat.

Ilsa has worked hard in the past year to expand the REthinkthings range and since her last unveiling at Liverpool in 2009 Ilsa presents 12 new and exciting products including collections from up and coming designers Stephen Rimmer and Julia Jacob, to be licensed exclusively to the REthinkthings brand.

Liverpool 2010 uncovers even more wacky creativity and is set to be a visual delight, with the full range of Sworth lamps shown for the first time in a myriad of glistening seasonal colours developed from the original which won her first prize in the Liverpool Chamber of Commerce Environmental Art competition 2009. Sworth is a fun and attractive series made entirely out of waste aluminium from engineering lathes Ilsa will present these in red, green, copper and gold.

ForX tablewear is also brand new to market. Consisting of three pronged forks manipulated and joined in a simple way so that a variety of candles or party foods can be displayed and consumed. it’s a quirky and ironic home accessory which plays on a reconfiguration of standard tableware as servers, available in three sizes, unfinished and powder coated.

The final innovation to be unveiled is ONMI, a series of multifunctional bags including ONMI unleashed, developed in partnership with the Liverpool Biennial and the larger version, entitled ONMI Forme. Both are made completely out of Velcro and offer unlimited variation in use due to the innovative rip and grip strips which allow the user to reposition and resize bag elements and pockets.

Other changes include new colours for Pawly and Spierre and a functioning prototype for Flo, as seen on Design for Life. All of REthinkthings products can be found online in the rethinkthings bouf shop at

Notes to editors

High res JPEG images of Ilsa Julia and Stephen along with the REthinkthinkthings products to be unveiled at the show can be emailed to editors directly on request.


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