Tuesday, 25 January 2011

New Year, New Family Members....

REthinkthings are proud to announce a new family member to the REthinkthings brand. Licenses exclusively to REthinkthings from Julia Jacob, the Bauhaus Bird Feeder is a delightfully designed addition to any well kept garden. The product has already generated a huge amout of publicity, shortlisted for the Giftware Associations 'Gift of the year 2011', and selected by WGSNs "Trend House" for the spring fair alongside Kaspsa the ghost lamps and the Spyke Glass. It is sure to go down a storm and become a 'must have' for the home.

The Bauhaus Feeder is available in two sizes. Small (13x13x11cm) and large (20x20x15cm) and four colours, purple,orange, blue and black. Simply by looping the hanging rope onto a tree branch or other hook like device and filling with approiate seeds to suit the birds you wish to attract, the birds will 'perch' on the front area hooking their feet over the speically designed cutout and food will be suitably sheltered by the roof, protecting garden visitors from the elements. A perfect gift or accessory for all bird lovers and garden fanatics alike. Forget bulky wooden boxes , expensive to buy and difficult to install, brighten up your outdoor space affordably and with style!

The product was first spotted as an unique item by European lingerie giant, Princesse Tam Tam, when 5ml exhibited at Maison et Object 2010. They have since placed an order for their window displays in over 160 stores, Europe wide.

To order, simply enquire using our online form and we will get back to you within 36 hours.


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