Monday, 23 September 2013

New product IM Baby Bangle is a royal hit and prime focus at 10 Downing Street!

One of our designers Alissa Koopal recently launched the IM baby bangle and has received unprecedented praise for her smart REthinking! Just Last week she was invited to showcase her inventive problem solving product at 10 Downing Street.  Invited along as an excellent example of young, creative entrepreneurial spirit, Alissa was flying the flag for an attitude we hold very close to our hearts at REthinkthings.

Prime Minister, David Cameron, stated in meeting with Alissa and other new product designers that the work on show demonstrated “that young people have got the ideas, the ambition and sheer commitment to get ahead”, and that’s certainly true of Alissa.  An on-the-go mum of 2, Alissa had a clear business vision  for "Safe Soothing & Practical Parenting" in a design-led manner. Her first product - new to market and available at is a multi- purpose baby teether designed to soothe and stimulate motor skills whilst doubling as an accessory for mum to wear. It can be sterilised and is dishwasher and fridge/freezer-safe for extra cool relief.  

This product is off to a flying start, available in three colours and on sale in 6 countries, its space saving, and stylish practicality is showing it has the potential to become a must have accessory for busy parents.

Alissa said, “It was incredibly exciting and a huge honour to be invited to the Prime Minister’s residence. He said he had read about the Bangles and thought they were great! We discussed all the different uses and the long lifespan of the product (from birth to older toddlers) and the fact that they are manufactured here in the UK. The past few months have been an absolute whirlwind. Mr. Cameron now even has one for Florence and I also gave him one to pass on to little Prince George!” 

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